At Harlem Natural Hair Salon, our goal is to ensure that your experience exceeds your expectations. Below are our policies that will help our team provide all of our guests with the best service possible.

No music.png

Please wear a headset

You might have different preferences in music, we get that.  We play music in the salon to set a certain tempo and vibe for all clients.  If you would like to hear something else, please wear a head set or ear buds.  We can't compete with the sound coming from your phone or tablet.

No groups.png

No Entourage or Children, please

We love it when family and friends oooo and ah over our hairstyles but we do not have enough room for your groups to hang out while you get your hair done.  Please have them to meet you afterwards.  And, while we are a very child friendly salon, we best service those children who are getting their hair done.  We do not have the capacity to watch your child while you are being serviced.  Even the best behaved child will be better served by an adult who can spend quality time with them.  So, unless your darling little one is getting their hair done, please do not bring them with you.

No Cell Phone.jpg

Please keep Phone Calls Short and Quiet

We definitely understand the need to take a phone call.  And, it's totally ok.  But, out of respect for other clients, please refrain from long personal conversations, loud conversations, and face time conversations.  If it is absolutely necessary to speak to someone loudly, please step into the vestibule of the salon.